It’s just a few days into the new year, and I already…

Today, is the first day back to work for many. The first day back to school for many. I have yet to date anything 2023. But, it already feels a bit dark. I hope I am wrong. I want to be optimistic. New year. New goals. New hopes.

Yet, drug prices are already set to go up this month on hundreds of drugs. A horrible sports accident happened live on television when Damar Hamlin appeared to suffered a carduac arrest after a tackle. He was on the field getting CPR for nine minutes while sportscasters debated whether to resume the football game after a five minute break. On the television show, 60 minutes they ran a segment, noting that scientists say the earth is in the midst of a sixth mass extinction. According to them, Earth’s wildlife is running out of places to live. This ine may seem silly but was annoying. On CNN for New years Eve, the powers-that-be didn’t allow their show hosts to drink and be merry.

To me, we are starting off with gloomy events and a general sense that we don’t know what to expect.

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  1. The TV Is BLanK
    iNTo A Five Foot
    High Eight Foot
    Window Nature
    Waves Vibrates
    Frequencies Energies
    Synergies As Wings Of
    Birds And Fur Of Gymnastic

    Squirrels 🐿
    Partake Of All
    The Free Sunflower


    We BRinG
    This Eden
    Only Changes

    Dear Miriam

    When The
    TV Is Stuck
    On The Same
    Channel To Feed
    The Addiction To

    As The
    And Birds
    Will Feel Yes
    If We Torture
    Them All Day
    And Night


    Bringing Fear
    Beyond Predators🦅



    Them Next
    Yes Nature

    As Long
    As Peace Lasts
    Loving Life For Real


    only in my tiny view


  2. It’s an odd start, what with getting Monday off, but I’m looking forward somehow to making this year mine. The book that took many years to write is published, the reviews are good, and I’ve started the third book in the trilogy (I was a little worried that readers of the first and second might not be happy with the heavy decisions made at the end of the second – but all indications are they are more than satisfied – phew!).

    I have started a couple of hares already; I’m waiting to see if any make it.

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