Feeling the need for New Orleans

As I contemplate my adventures for the coming year, I fondly recalled all my past trips to New Orleans. There was a time when I went at least once a year for work. Sometimes, I would go more than twice. I considered myself lucky. I loved that city. The food. The music. The food.

However, I haven’t been there in a rather long time. And, as my word for the coming year is traveler/adventurer, I should consider going back to one of my favorite places. I want to experience that familiar sense of travel joy.

I often debate with myself whether it’s better to go to new places or to return to favorites. I tend to favor going to new places. However, there are some favorites one shouldn’t deny oneself. That’s what New Orleans represents to me: a fondness of the familiar. Comfort.

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  1. SMiLes i Haven’t Been to Too Many
    Places in Travel Yet Yes It is Always

    Interesting to Go Back Somewhere

    Long Ago to Remember Better in that

    Old Familiar Environment Who

    We Were At Core Before

    And How Much

    in Soul Mind
    Body Whole

    We Have
    Evolved or
    Devolved Since then
    True i’ve Been to Both
    Places the Better Place New Now

    It’s Like Old FRiEnDS Too Providing
    That Nostalgia too Auld Lang Syne Style

    Indeed Which Remind me to Connect to Some
    Long Distance FRiEnDS Beyond Space Time As THere
    Is No Real Distance or Matter in Circumstances of Soul Within

    When it Comes
    to FRiEnDS
    Old Same As

    New With SMiLEs Dear Miriam..:)


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