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I’m barely awake

You know you’ve thought it. Maybe even said it out loud. There are many times during a meeting, where you quite possibly say a little prayer hoping that a meeting soon comes to an end. You are sitting there noting, to yourself, that you are barely awake. It happens to everyone.

It can be that you just didn’t get enough sleep. It can be that the topic at hand, is just a bit sleep-inducing.

Now, that we are utilizing so many virtual meeting platforms, there should be a button where one can signal a need to snooze. There’s a mute button. There’s a raised hand button. But where is the snooze button?

We should all be allowed a time-out button which we can press and take a 10 minute power nap. That would be so refreshing and possibly lead to so much more of authentic an interaction.

I’m sure some would be offended. But let’s be real. Let me be real. There are days where I am in seven consecutive back-to-back meetings. No mind can stay sharp during such a set of meetings. A snooze button would come in handy. It’s like a reset button. I think we all are deserving of said reprieve.

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  1. SMiLes Indeed Dear Miriam

    From What i See ‘Out and About’

    With the General Public Too Many

    Folks Are In A Meeting With the Worries

    Of Their Mind

    to Even Remember

    Their Humanity at All

    Hehe i Tend to Wake Them

    Up For At Least A Momentary



    of Real Dancing
    Singing Joy Not
    Always Yet Often..:)


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