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A workplace lesson from Wakanda Forever

The theatrical release of Wakanda Forever, the sequel to Black Panther, got me back out to the movie theatre. I had loved Black Panther. And, as such, was excited to watch Wakanda Forever.

While I found the movie visually engaging and liked it, I didn’t love it. I won’t go into the “whys” of what gave me a lukewarm feeling. Also, I am not here to spoil the movie ending. However, I will note you should sit through all of the movie and what seems like the beggining if the credits.

What I did find useful about the movie, was that it got me thinking and talking about workplace successon planning.

I think we all know that when Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman tragically died of cancer at such a young age, the franchise powers-that-be decided to not recast another actor in his place for the sequel. The decision was made out of respect for the actor. I, too, thought it was gracious.

In watching the movie Wakanda Forever, I started thinking about replacement in the workplace. We all ponder this. And, how you go about replacing a team member takes (or should take) a lot of thought and consideration.

As leaders we must think of succession planning and what attributes we need as we continue to build up teams. We are in the resignation economy. And, must think strategically of how we go about selecting and bringing on the next generation of leaders.

A major component now is that of emotional IQ. Also, we not only need servant leaders but we also need participatory leadership. Some of this can be taught. Some needs to come from within and be allowed to cultivate.

Just some food for thought today as both the economy and the workplace continues to change.

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