mental health

She wanted her secret to remain a secret

She walked down the path wondering what food to order today. She needed to leep her mind busy. The path was so rocky and lonely. That had basically been her year.

She stopped in front of the boot. No one had taken it yet. She took a syeip of paper out of her pocket. She folded it and whispered it’s words. She placed the paper in the boot. And, hobbled away as quickly as she could. She had just dropped her deepest secret into a dark boot. She wanted someone to find it so she could be free. But she also wanted her secret to remain a secret. She could get away with it.

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  1. Ah Dear Miriam Yes Perhaps the
    Wisdom All Comes in Typos Again
    To “Leap Her Mind Busy” AnyWay

    Hehe i’ve Become Expert
    Quite A Bit iN LoSinG
    mY Mind ThiS Way

    in Dance And Song
    Just FLoWinG MuSic
    Creating Lyrics New

    NoW As An After Effect

    Of Affect

    Just Dreaming
    Wide Awake to Fly

    Leaving Boots Behind
    Just Barefoot Wings SOaRinG

    Of Course..:)


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