I don’t know how to try

I don’t know how to try. Actually, I try all the time. Apparently, however, I shouldn’t note that in some of my conversations and answers to questions of how I have reached my level of success.

I don’t try. I do. I get things done. I accomplish what I set out to do. I’m stubborn. I am a Taurus, afterall. I just do. There have not been many challenges where I walked away or didn’t do. There have been a few where I lamentably tried and had to call it done. That’s hard beyond anything as my DNA is hardwired to “do”.

Thus, I don’t know how to try. I try to try. But instead I just do. And, now I’m tired.

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  1. Ah Yes Dear Miriam in Terms
    of Human Excellence It Appears
    in Part Yoda and Nike is Correct

    There is no Try
    Only Will Do

    And Can Must
    Be Avoided When
    Folks Suggest No Can Do

    Hehe With SMiLEs Yet

    There Are Two Other Parts
    So Important Whole Not to

    Burnout and of Course That is Loving

    What You Will Do And Doing it With Will

    iN Peace As

    Much As Possible

    In A ‘Wui Wei’ Kind

    of Effortless Ease For in ThiS WaY
    If Life is Achieving iN THiS WaY

    FRiEnDS With Gravity

    Means Boundless

    Energy in Flow

    As The Inertia Fades

    Away Even in ‘The Friction of the Day’
    It’s Kinda Hard to Put Into Words Yet
    If And When You Arrive You’ll Know When Ya Rarely Get Tired

    So Very Enthusiastic In Will to Do Even More Is this Possible Being A CEO

    Of Five or So Non-Profit Health Clinics

    in New York i Have No

    Idea That is Totally

    Up to You With SMiLes of Course…

    Here’s A Bottom Line Without Folks In Your Field of Work
    Like You YeS A Whole Lot More People Will Be Hurting in Life…

    Truly A
    Consolation Award
    to Be And Do With Will…


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