There’s the itch I’m not supposed to scratch

Itches come in many shapes and sizes. And, many one shouldn’t scratch. They can become more irritated. They can enlarge. They can cause more discomfort. But sometimes you just have to scratch it because the momentary reprieve feels so great. A wonderful relief. There’s even a moment of nothingness. That in itself provides a small delight. Perhaps something to look back on. But if you scratch, prepare to have an open wound or cut. Prepare to need to disinfect. Prepare to have a worse itch. Then what would you do?

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  1. SMiLes i Had An Itch to Dance Dear
    Miriam Early Early At Walmart
    While my Wife Was Getting
    Some ‘Quest’ Bloodwork
    Truly Inspired By An Election
    That Likely Means Democracy
    Will Actually Last Until my Last Dance
    So i Made it
    A First Dance
    Again Free to SMiLE..:)


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