I didn’t expect that: Encantado

Tonight I sat and hallucinated for about 60 minutes. Well, I was enchanted and caught up in a dancing frenzy. Not one in which I participated. Instead one that I watched as an audience member.

Let me back track for a second. I watched the movie Encanto last year and loved it. Remember no one talks about Bruno. Thus, when I was invited to Watch encantado as a theatrical performance I was confused. Or rather, I misunderstood what I was going to be watching. I believed I was going to watch a theatrical interpretation of the Disney movie. I was way off. And, that turned out to be just fine.

As I sat in my theatre seat and the lights dimmed, a bunch of performers came on stage and statyed rolling out what I believed was a long carpet. They rolled it out. They stepped back and off-stage and came back naked. Yes. Completely nude. Not that I have a problem with that. It just took me by surprise.

The naked performance started off slowly with each performer peeling off a piece of the carpet. Well, it never was one carpet. The performers enveloped themselves within the tapestries and became animals, owners, and other brings culminating in frenzied dancing and the like. At one point my eyes closed for about 30 seconds and I found myself enchanted within another realm. Mind you, I had no drinks or any substances. This was a mind-altering performance in itself.

And, I hadn’t expected any of that. How delightful to be truly surprised. It doesn’t happen often. Not often enough.

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  1. Ah Yes Dear Miriam Sweet Mirror
    Neurons All Tuned Up Experiencing
    What We Feel and Sense Far Away
    Yet As Close
    As Feelings And
    Senses Always Are Within
    And So Very Free Yet True Nothing
    Matches the Full Fire of The Experience
    Of A Naked Enough Complete Whole Dance
    And Song
    As Well
    From That Dance
    Always New Now So Free
    Practically Wings Free With Gravity
    Ascending Transcending to Total Bliss
    Such A Pity Folks Go to ‘Top Gun’ School
    to Fly Jets And Never Learn to Use Their
    Own Body
    Parts As Wings
    To Blast off to Space
    And Actually Control
    Our Own FLiGHT FRiEnDS
    With Gravity THiS WaY…
    Hehe Elon Musk Will
    Spend BiLLioNS For It
    Yet i Will Only Fly Free in my Own Place
    With No ‘Stripes’ Given to me by anyone else..:)


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