Moments of contemplation are rare: Enjoy the Silence

When you work in a healthcare setting, you are constantly exposed to people. Meaning, in the sense, that there’s people everywhere walking about. And, you’re constantly greeting individuals, getting caught in small talk, or holding long meetings. There’s “fires” to put put. There’s supposed strategy to put a fine print on. There’s new technologies to investigate.

Moments of contemplation are rare. Yet, we all need that quiet down time. We need that moment to just be.

Even on the streets, you catch people talking on their phones, eating, or writing away. I often see joggers exercising while carrying on a conversation.

Again, we need moments where everything is silent and we can just stare into space. Zone out. Believe it or not that’s actually when you can be most creative. When you you are in moment of silence, or perhaps what some may label boredom, you may attain an “aha” moment. A spark or a flash might hit you.

A few months back, I snapped this photograph of a man caught in a moment of quiet. He had been talking for an hour. And, then he stood to the side and stood still. I’m sure he needed that mind break. We all do. And, we should allow for it to happen.

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  1. Just Glad There Are Still
    Human Beings With What
    It Takes To Truly Do ‘Healthcare’

    Namely Being Human Yes

    What All my Closest ‘Doctors’
    HaVE iN Common
    Is They Live in

    ‘Modest Homes’
    i Stay Farther Away
    Now From ‘Doctors’
    With ‘Mansions’
    A Greatest Prosperity

    Is In Humanity Wherever
    Humanity Continues To
    Breathe Freely No Matter Lofty

    Cars Other
    Tools Worn
    Or Positions
    Based on Titles
    Of Only Figure
    Heads With SMiLes

    Dear Miriam😊

    Happy Sunday Always
    A Sunny Day Inhaling
    Peace Exhaling Love

    We Seek
    And Find Truly Breathing 😮‍💨

    Always Starting
    New FLoWeR Unfolding

    No Longer Withering Away


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