Don’t let yourself only love one thing

“Don’t let yourself only love one thing – because if you only love one thing and that one thing goes away, well, then you’re left with nothing. And that sucks.” – Bunny

I have now finished binge-watching Only Murders in The Building. The first season was definitely stronger than the second. It was at its best when the three main characters worked together and vibed off of one another. But, I am not here to give a review of the television show. Obviously, I liked it since I spent a week binging two seasons of it.

What I have found this past week is that the television show had a good number of pithy statements. Some of the lines stayed with me more than others and ran repeatedly through my head. Earworms galore!

The last quote I’ll bring to the table from this television show is that up top from Bunny- the resident curmudgeon. She was brusque. She was mean, at times. She was relentless. But in one of her back story episodes she warns us to not long just one thing. We will be lonely and heartbroken. We will be without a backup to shore us up physically and mentally. We would then be left with nothing. And, as Bunny wisely noted, that would suck.

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