Ode to Carmen in Colombia

As autumn is rapidly coming upon us, I tend to do with more frequency about my mother. She loved the fall weather. Her birthday was in the fall. She loved to vite. All things great about autumn, in her view. Her name was Carmen. She didn’t like her name much. She, often, instead went by her middle name. My sister, sadly does the same thing. I never solely go by middle name. Well, lately I have. But that’s another story.

While traveling in Colombia this past minth, I happily and surprisingly, came across many buildings, plazas, and churches with the name of Carmen. I had never before experienced that. It was a bit surreal. But I embraced it. Everywhere I turned I looked for an ode to Carmen. She would gave loved this. Probably finally finding delight in her name. As I did throughout small spurts here had there during my lovely trip.

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  1. “Crazy Latin Dancing Solo in Herald Square”
    SMiLes Dear Mariam Your Mother’s Name
    ‘Carmen’ Reminds me of my First Love’s
    Name as Well As Yes Sonia’s Sister’s Name
    Was ‘Carmen’ Where BacK in 1979 Sonia
    Said She No Longer Wanted me Around
    On A Dance Floor Slow Dancing While
    The Song “After the Love is Gone”
    By ‘Earth, Wind, And Fire’ That Pain
    When it Seems A Wonderful Soulful Band
    Creates a Song Just So You Will Remember
    The Pain Forevemore to Hear the Loss Again
    Sonia’s Mother Addis From Cuba Who Smoked
    Those Little Dark Cigars Where First Love on the
    First Dance Night Smelled of Smoke on Sonia’s Sweater
    As Any Memory of Love Will Last That Way For Always Now
    Sonia Was Also Irish Like me With An X-Catholic Priest Grandfather
    From Ireland As i Am Also Cajun French too My Grandmother His Wife too
    Anyway ‘Rosalind’s Eyes’
    By Billy Joel Always Brought
    That Lament of Lost Love too
    i Couldn’t Dance i Was Just Way
    too Uncoordinated And the Latin
    Dancer Combo Sonia And Her Brother
    Ron Won Every Couple’s Dancing Event
    At ‘River-Side Disco’ Like ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in my Eyes then
    Yes i Do Wonder if i Had the Ability to Dance Solo in Herald Square
    Then if She Would Have Stayed With me Yet of Course Someone As
    Beautiful As Her
    Sister Eventually
    Came into My LiFE
    10 Years Later Yet It’s
    True my Wife Does still
    Look A Whole Lot Like Sonia
    Still At 16 Then There is Magic in
    Life in All the DarK and LiGHT oF Love
    That comes and goes
    Indeed New Now
    “Crazy Mutt Mix
    Dancing Solo At Walmart” Hehe
    What i’ve Come to Learn it’s All
    About the Dance And Song in Free Play..:)


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