The concept of space in bogota versus NYC

I’m a New Yorker. I’m used to cramped spaces. We do not gave California closets. If we do, I’m sure that unfortunately some rent it out as a $1,000 room. I may be slightly exaggerating. Only slightly.

In NYC, everything is cramped. Most other spaces in the United States are bigger. Some, only slightly.

Bogota, was interesting in how it conceived of space. The roads were extremely cramped and a bit of chaos in terms of how space was used.

The spacing in Bogota allows for some interesting contrasts in the panaroma. Shadows here and there play with your perception of space. These streets can look empty, but it is a bit of a misdirection.

But when you look at the roads it is unbelievable how so many things can fit into a tight space and everyone respects the other in the space.

You have spaces that are a hodgepodge of space-takers: bikes, motorcyclists, people, cars, and busses. Then you have an empty area just filled with shadows. Just versions of yourself.

Yet, when they are on the road, those in Bogota can easily navigate maneuvering around people, motocrules, busses, cars, and busses. Also, let’s include dogs. Lots of dogs. Yet, there is a great amount of respect between the diffetent road parties. Its amazing to see a different concept of space. When I say resoect, I really meant it. People really look out for another. Even on the streets of NYC you have people jockeying and elbowing for space.

How we conceive if space definitely depends on cultural norms and lens. Space is defined by how you conceive of others amd what you are willing to concede.

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