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Wacky news: All for the love of chorizo

I love chorizo. I add it on to as many dishes as I can. Yummy. Tasty. Filling. Spicy. Fun. Yes, fun! At least, fun for a silly French scientist that too many people on social media took seriously. We’re always in search for a “wow” factor. Sometimes scientists are accorded too many accolades. Or better said, are seen as being super smart and in the know and this may not be as scrutinized. Although supposedly, in the peer review process for journal articles scientists supposed findings are put through a rigorous vetting process. No comment. Well, I’ll say this. If someone is fairly well-known in their little field, they are often given a bit of a benefit of doubt. I’ve heard it first-hand when reviewing grant submissions. But I’m not here to harp on that.

I want to just point out that a French scientist fooled a lot of people on social media when he posted an enlarged, detailed photo of chorizo claiming it was in actuality a photograph of a distant star produced by the space telescope. He was retweeted quite often and there were many who were in awe. Oops.

I think we all know the moral of this story.

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  1. Star Date ‘Chorizo’
    Shelf Life Another
    Alex Jones’ Party

    On A Closest
    Sausage Star

    To Ours

    Indeed A Farthest
    Star to Suggest the
    Human Condition is
    Even Close to Rational

    THE Nature oF A Beast

    FaKE BeLiEve MaKinG

    NoW Everywhere From


    to Bigger
    Stars and Temples

    And Of Course the
    Politics Always of Irrationality
    Such is the Condition of The
    Condition Indeed in Bowling

    Alley Life

    As A Ball
    Continues to
    Turn SeeKinG
    Ten Pin Gods And More..:)

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