You can’t fix the purposely obtuse

Some people say “you can’t fix stupid”. I don’t like that phrase because, education and information sharing can increase knowledge. What I like to point out is that you can’t fix those who remain purposely obtuse. There are those who you provide information to and who chose to not understand it. They hear it and stick it to a dark recessed part of the brain. They leave it there and put some gravy on it.

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  1. These are the people who refused the covid vaccine based on their interpretation or misinformation that it might have been created from fetal cells – despite the POPE saying it was okay to get the vaccines – who then STILL refuse to get vaccinated when a recent new vaccine NOT based on fetal cells is developed and made available FREE.
    The new information and new choice are not given the slightest chance to penetrate, even though the original determination is now completely irrelevant.
    It has become canon for these people, and they won’t change.
    They literally can’t, without losing so much face they can’t take it.


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