You don’t always have to take the high road

A long time ago, as an adult, I stuck my tongue out at someone. That person was flabbergasted and couldn’t believe I would do so such a thing. But here’s the situation. They were acting childish and dumb. And were ignoring reality. There’s was no way for the truth to win out. No whatsoever. They were blinded to the truth because that was what served them best. I get it. We all have coping mechanisms. We all have defense mechanisms.

I decided, in the spur of the moment, that they were idiots and I wouldn’t go high. I went low and stuck my tongue out at them. And, you know what? It was actually the right thing to do. You don’t always have to take the high road. I know that is a horrible lesson to pass on. Well, let me restate this. Society supposedly says you are to take the high road. I have often done so. But, honestly, I have not felt any better taking the high road than when I stuck my tongue out. Some may say that is childish. Every situation needs its own specific resolution. There have been times where I acquiesce for the better good. But, I also know how to stand up for myself. Actually, it is not about standing up for myself. It is about the situational context. Enough already for letter the absurd take over. Call a spade a spade. If something is farcical, don’t give it credence. Enough with fake outrage. Enough with the everyday theatre of the absurd.

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  1. Hmmmm i Will admit
    Hehe Yes Some Days
    i Show My ‘Butt’ A Little

    Bit For A World
    Truly Gone Most
    Definitely More Insane
    Than Naked


    Dear Miriam
    With SMiLes
    of Course Full Moon Style

    i Don’t Exactly Stick my Tongue
    Out Yet So Many Creative Ways to
    Express in Response to True Contrived

    Insanity Yes

    The Kind
    Of Lies That
    Have Become
    Truth Yes Surely
    Deserve An ‘Adequate’ Response…

    You Do Seem Like a Bit of A ‘Straight
    Shooter’ Picturing You Sticking Out Your


    Would Surely
    Be A Kodak Moment Hehe..;)


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