Got to take a leap of faith, sometimes

This week, I took a leap of faith that paid off. Not a payout in terms of money, new job, or anything of any monetary value. This leap paid off in terms of feeling accomplished and that I made someone, very important to me, very happy. Some were skeptical. Some worried. Some cautioned me. I had to throw that proverbial caution to the wind. At the end of the day, I showed my son that indeed, I get things done. In his eyes, I always fix or make things happen. He also got to see that taking a leap of faith can be risky, but the rewards can stay with you forever.

I was reminded of the other leaps of faith I have taken in life. They were grand and path setting. I was reminded of how I’ve been contemplating a big change in my life that would be scary. I’ve been halted in my tracks, as a result. But that need not be. I need to do this. I have never let fear and doubt bring me to a standstill. I need to get back on that rollercoaster and face fear head on. Time to leap again and again.

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  1. BeLeaf
    Living Tree
    Of Faith RiSinG
    Green Feeding Soils
    Of Souls For New Growth

    of Change

    It’s true Now BeLieve
    Is Germanic Originally
    For BeLeaf ThiS Way
    With SMiLes Dear


    And It’s True
    This iS HoW my
    Mother Lived Her Life too

    Through Leaps of Faith
    With BeLeaf BeLove BeLieve

    So Very Secure So Very Soul Deep

    So HeARTFeLT With SPiRiT Warm to ‘See’…

    i Always Wondered How She Did it Yet my Mistake

    Was Not Looking Within to Find the Voice That Speaks

    BeLeaf BeLove BeLieVE This Root This Vine of Never Giving Up

    This Faith Now
    For What
    Change New

    A New Chapter
    Of Your EPiC Life Book too…

    SMiLes at Age 49 My Mother
    Cashed in Her Federal Civil Service
    Retirement to Go Back to College With
    Us And to Graduate With me and my Sister
    in 1983 During That Whole Period the Income
    of Our Family Was Practically Limited to A Book
    Store Job i Had at University and a Janitor Job i
    Had Cleaning Banks and Southern Bell Telephone
    Buildings i Didn’t Have Nearly the Faith and BeLeaf
    And BeLove and BeLieve She Had Yet She Had Enough

    for me as i Broke
    Down then in the
    Tween Yet Finished
    With Three Part Time
    Jobs Including Research
    Assistant in Archaeology
    Yep Finishing With Three

    Degrees With A Fullest
    School Load too Yes After

    Breaking Down For Three Months

    Oh the Significance
    of Three as All
    Three Degrees
    With Nautilus
    Logo Shaped
    EmBossed Just
    Like my Birthday
    On my Driver’s
    License 6.6.60
    As a 6 and a 9
    Shape of A Hurricane True too
    PHi Golden Spiral Close Enough
    to the Shape of Our Milky Way True too

    It’s True Now i Have That Voice of Faith
    Within This BeLeaf This BeLove This BeLieVE

    That Makes All of Life Just another Poetry Prompt to Do…

    Every Drop of Rain Water Every Wave Ocean Whole Naked Enough Complete..:)


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