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Comicpalooza, bread pudding, and a warm heart in Houston

I am, sometimes, the queen of random trips. Actually, I used to be pre-pandemic. I would just go to wherever I found an available or free flight and hotel. During the pandemic my travel slowed down tremendously. I did randomly go to Cape Cod at the height of the pandemic, as well as Virginia Beach. Now that was really random. I miss travel. I miss my travel rituals such as eating every bread pudding I can find on a menu.

Well, I’m hoping to do more travel. Although, I must admit the flying part is still stressful. Perhaps even moreso, considering all the flight delays including my flight to Houston. My trip to Texas was not super random. There was actually a purpose that I cannot disclose. But the trip was planned out of kindness and warm heartedness. With that in mind, we enjoyed our add ons.

We got to go to Comicpalooza and I had a chance to meet the vetsatile actor Lance Reddick. Even if you don’t know his name, chances are you’ve seen something with him it, i.e. Lost, Fringe, John Wick. I love actors who can be in so many good shows and movies and seem down-to-earth.

I also got the chance to have a most wonderful bread pudding that put an extra kick into my step. For a bit, it seemed all the worries brought on by the pandemic had dissipated. I was treated to this delicious delight by an old acquaintance I hadn’t seen in years. We were both frozen and non-frozen in time.

I am more convinced now that I must travel further, if anything to be reminded of how good bread pudding can be.

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  1. Lance Reddick also in Bosch 🙂 (Irvin Irving, LA City Councilman)–good show.
    Lovely meal there! Happy Sunday


  2. Oh My Goodness Dear Miriam
    What Trip What Bread Pudding
    Immediately Smitten By the Meat

    Dish Reminds me of The Casino
    Days Where of Course We Only Used

    The Free Play
    And Enjoyed
    the Fancy
    With Meat Dishes
    And Decadent Desert
    Trays to Literally Die for

    If One May Be Diabetic and the Such
    Just An Issue of Genetic High Cholesterol
    for me Nipped it In the Bud With Modern

    Of Course
    hehe Anyway
    Surely A Comic
    Festival of Any Kind
    Usually a Young Man’s
    Dream Or Dreamy Actor
    For A Young Woman’s Dream too

    Hehe So Glad to See You Taking
    Vacation Excursion Flights May You
    Make Alaska Soon Enough And When

    You Do May
    No Heat

    You Way Up There
    As They Travel Far North These Days
    Visiting Countries With No Air-Conditioning
    To Find Relief Anyway i’m Really Not A Weather
    Man i Just Keep Raining As Any “Rainman” Will Naturally Do Hehe..:)


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