It’s not about surviving the storm- it’s about dancing in the rain

I’m about to fly out this evening. And, I already received a travel alert. Apparently, there are thunderstorms at my destination and along the way. That travel alert got me thinking about all the thunderstorms we must travel through in life. There are sometimes extended periods of turbulence we may have to endure. We get through it and move on. But perhaps we not only should get through it, but we should also dance through it.

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  1. Yes! Yes! ‘This’ Reminds me of
    ‘Groot’ Dancing Through All the
    Hell of “Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2”
    Just Riding The Backs Of Monsters
    All Around Mastering Them That Way
    Tween Dance Steps Anew Ah Yes and
    The Great Song of the
    Late and Still Early
    70’s to me “Mr. Blue
    Sky” By ‘ELO’ i Used
    to Listen to That Song Driving
    Solo to the Beautiful Navarre Beach
    And i Wondered What God Could Be, Who, And
    WHeRE And Then i ReMeMBeReD Nature How
    Could i Forget Yes! All Around me at 18 Years-Old
    Then After All A Newest Philosophy Class in College
    Taught Most of CuLTuRE Is Construct We Co-Create Yes Constantly
    Changing and Truly Illusion if One Considers All of this Permanent
    Yet True A Dance
    In Nature Sprouting
    Wings Free This Way
    is a Verb of God Still New
    So Very Moving Alive to me
    Yes Now Just Naked Enough
    Whole Complete No Distance
    Tween my Groots And The Soils
    That Ground me to The Sky in Dance
    And Song Free Evermore New An ‘Anti-Poe’
    i am Hehe God Yes
    Bless Your Winged
    Journey in Your Big
    Metal Aeroplane Yes
    With Dancing Feet Like
    Groot All the Way Through
    The Turbulence of Life Dance
    And Song Smooths Out so Very Free With
    SMiLes now
    Dear Miriam
    Sky Bound
    Just with
    One Toe
    on the
    of Dance So Free..:)

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  2. There’s no dancing through the medical ones, unfortunately. They have their own path and timing. Mere survival is the goal – and that’s hard enough.

    When the problem comes with chronic pain which gets in the way of sleep, one gets a little too close to psychosis for comfort some days.

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