I was struck by something in my sleep

Here I go again. My lucid dreaming cycle is back. Wild, vivid dreams. I’ve learned of what I hunger for. I’ve learned of what is disturbing me. I’m waking up in a fog wondering whether to go back to sleep in order to keep the story line going. I know that I was struck by something in my sleep. As a matter of fact I woke up singing Oingo Boing’s song Dead Man’s Party. Don’t be afraid of what you can’t see.

As I walked thinking about what my dreams are telling me, I came across this graffiti that made me smile. It looked like one of the squishy beings in my dreams that have been advising me on life.

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  1. i’m Really tired Catching Up Post Covid-19
    Again Finishing Another 53 Thousand Word
    Blog Post A Bit Slower on the ‘MaGiC Toad’ Yet

    Your Lucid Dreaming Here

    Brings Back Such

    Sweet Memories

    In Grade School Where
    i Had the Ability to Control
    My Dreams And Do Whatever

    i Wanted to Do Realizing The Dreamscape
    Is All Mine to Create Hehe Nothing Really

    Changed i

    Just Do it
    Wide Awake
    Now With SMiLes
    or Half to A Quarter
    A Sleep or Down with
    Covid-19 i ‘Just Do it’ It Just
    Happens it Comes The Way it Comes Free..:)


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