He finally did it: My son made me a cup of coffee

When I was a kid, I learned pretty on how to make coffee. I didn’t drink any until my late twenties, but I made very good coffee for others. I used to make coffee the old-fashioned Puerto Rican way: Stovetop Espresso.

Nowadays, there are tons of fancy espresso machines where you place a capsule and hit the small, medium, or large button. I suppose that represents progress for many. I have to admit, that the increasingly sleepy me can understand the appeal of pressing a button.

With that said, I taught my son to make me coffee using the new fancy gadgets. While pressing the button is simple, my coffee still is a bit “extra” im that I like my milk heated, and I like sugar and flavored syrup. Many would find it too sweet but the combination of sugar and caffeine wakes me up. And, so I taught my son my style.

And, this morning I’m enjoying an extra delicious cup of coffee because my son made it for me.

Now I get the full experience of why I made coffee for my mom so many years ago. Love.

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  1. That looks incredible. There is something so satisfying about making a stovetop espresso. We have never had a coffee machine and I don’t think I want to give in and get one just yet… maybe when I am old … haha.. I do think the boiling coffee on the cooker releasing its strong aroma in the morning is great anticipation for coffee tastebuds. It’s amazing your son made you a cup of coffee. My son is three, he knows I love my coffee, and often makes me ‘mud coffee’ or ‘water coffee’ when he is playing with his toys. One day I hope he makes me a coffee just like your son made for you 😀 Enjoy! Love indeed 🙂


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