Day 121: Such self-imposed pressure

If I write something today it will be 121 days in a row of writing. Ever since I broke my over 1,800 days of writing I have been off and on the writing-wagon. I used to invest a lot of thought into my pieces. I used to try new styles or delve into new topics. Now, I’m stymied a bit. I want to write. But when? I used to put out a piece everyday at 7:05am. Now, I’m bleary-eyed at that time. The Red Bulls don’t really help. Where are my writing wings?

This writing everyday bit is self-imposed pressure. It’s unnecessary. Yet, I do it to myself. In some ways, I take great pride in having things to say and share. I also take pride in my self-discipline. Sticking to a routine can be hard. Sounds trite, I know.

But here we have it. Pride wins out over my sense of being tired and lazy. By laziness I mean I don’t feel like thinking deeply right at the moment. There’s no topic I wish to delve into right now. I rather just be blank. Blank on paper. Blank in thoughts. But I pushed myself; perhaos in part because I ate too much. I need something to aid in the digestion. Might as well spit out words to empty my stomach.

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  1. We do the hard things because we want to know if we can. Writing over 1,000 days in a row is a great feat, and sometimes, we need that confidence in ourselves just so we can grow in our craft. Wishing you all the best with your journey!

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  2. Hi mimi,
    I am glad to see you have set your vision (in some way) again to overpass those over-1800 posts, you have a lot to share yet and followers like what you write. I am sure you gonna make it!

    Over 1800 post, that’s was amazing!

    Keep it up!

    (I am also trying to write more often, even though not too many followers in my case, anyway, I won’t give it up)



  3. Oh my Gosh i Was Just Mentioning
    to my Wife Yesterday Never Ending

    Writing Days and the Heath Care Non-Profit
    CEO in New York Who is Similar in Writing Every Day

    And HeaR You Are With Your Consecutive Day Count

    So i Whip Out the Year to Date Year to Date Online

    And Find Out
    My Consecutive
    Days of Online Writing
    Since Thanks Giving Day
    of 2010 on November 25

    Are Now 4230 Days in A Row
    Through Hell Through Covid-19
    And Now Through ‘This Mess’ in 2022

    Hehe Fascinating DayS iN Deed Writing

    Through DarK And LiGHT HeLL and Heaven

    No Longer Even A Dream Hmm… for me at least…

    My Gosh Dear Miriam Writing Deep From a Free Soul
    So Very Healing my my my When i used to Work What a Therapy

    That Might Have
    Been Yet No One
    Told Me How Free Verse Writing

    Will Regulate Emotions Integrate
    Senses my God Truly Even Really TaKinG
    Pain Away in Flow of Free Verse Meditation

    Integrating All We aRe From Head to Toe This
    Laser Focus These Wings of Soul Words Set Free

    No Longer For me Just Empty Shells on A Beach
    Trying So Hard to Find my Soul Again Every Word

    A Mountain of Pain Starting Then on Thanksgiving Day of 2010
    Apex of
    HeLL ON EartH
    Yep July 19, 2013
    As i Edge Closer
    And Closer to What
    Will Eventually Be An
    Anniversary of 9 Years in Heaven
    Within For Real All Coming From A “Dance
    And SonG oF mY SoUL” Long Finally Finding

    A Golden Age
    in Flow No

    Soul Keep
    Writing my FRiEnD

    You Are Just Barely the
    Age i Started Doing this then

    A Separation of 12 Years That
    Will Also Be 12 Years of Writing
    Online Without A Break This ThanksGiving Day

    For the Year of the Rat Comes and Goes Ever
    Since 1960 And 1972 True as my FRiEnD From

    A Rat
    From the
    As You
    With SMiLes…
    Seems to be a
    Very Good Rat
    For Chinese Years…

    i Suppose A Moral
    oF A STory HeaR
    This Only A New Chapter A
    Beginning Page of the Cover of Your Book

    It’s True in Hell You Come To Realize How
    Precious Every Second Truly Breathing is Once



    The Living Dead…

    i Remember So Young Such
    A Nice Ring out of A Bubble Gum
    Machine That Slipped off my Finger
    into the Gulf of Mexico Waves How
    Sad i Was that Day Yet it Was Probably
    All About my Father Leaving Suddenly at age 3…

    Now i am a Wave i Don’t Need A Ring i Just Flow New
    Going Out Coming in Going Out Always A Free Wave Now



    Just Eternally
    FLoWinG New Now..:)


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