Oh sigh, you knew what you were signing up for

Many years ago, I was sitting with a group of fellow psychologists who were in earnestness contemplating how three words in a sentence would have an impact in a huge web of bureaucracy. This sentence may seem vague and ambiguous. And, thus it is so. The main point being that a group of people felt quite self-important when what they were doing really didn’t carry much weight. I sat there astounded and marveled at their grandiose sense of self. Then, I remembered I was a psychologist and I shouldn’t be so shocked.

Within that same context, after all the contemplation around a few words came to pass, we sat there talking about our own individual lives. Well, as much as self-aware acquaintances can really tolerate. In that spirit, I shared my sense of being overloaded and trying to figure out how to carry it all. And, in their standard sense of generosity one said to me “well, you chose to do that work. You asked for that, no?” And, another, followed with “you knew what you were signing up for…”

Well, no. At times, when you take on new life projects, you may not know the full scope. Either because it’s actually hard to fully grasp something without being in the context or some other party outright lied. Sometimes, it’s a cocktail of these and other excuses. The same way you don’t always get what you want. You often don’t get what you think you’re getting. And, then you’re in a pickle. Do you run as fast as possible or do you hunker down? For the most, I have hunkered down and gotten done what needed to be done. Someone, once remarked that they were impressed by my resiliency and fortitude in sticking out a most ghastly situation.

Here’s the thing. Even if you know what you’re supposedly getting yourself into, you never truly know. Situations are so dynamic. And, even ignoring situational complexity, one should get kudos for basically running into a burning building. Even, if one complains therafter pf the sustained burns.

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  1. Hehe In Short We ‘Know’ Nothing
    And As Long as We Are Humans
    Evolved Classically AS Such Are

    Ruled By Our Innate Instinctual
    Intuitive Feelings And Senses

    From Head to Toe As Other
    Mammals Are True As Well

    Do WE REally ‘Think’ Our Relative
    Short History of ‘Word Think’ Has

    Changed All that Classical Evolution
    Creates of Us And All the Other Mammals

    Ranging From 300,000 Years for Us and 75 MiLLioN

    Years Or So For
    Common Furry
    Rodent Ancestors

    Who Thrived After A
    Meteor Created The Gulf
    of Mexico Taking The Dinosaurs
    Away to Extinction About 66 MiLLioN

    Years Ago hehe As that Route 66 Brings

    Us to Our Somewhat Still Furry Rodent Reality Now
    Loaded With Words of So-Called ‘Know’ Lost in An Ocean

    Of LayerS in
    no Longer
    Naked, Enough,
    Whole Complete

    Truly Lost And It’s True

    None of us Have an Opportunity
    To Sign-Up For This Modernity As
    STiLL CuLTuRaL Experiment As Verily

    We Are Spoon-Fed Every Layer of These
    Clothes the Tools We Become From Words to


    And Fast
    Moving Nuclear Bombs

    True i Affirm You Didn’t Sign Up For This
    For me at Least it took 66 Months in Losing
    Effective Hearing and Sight Through Type-Two
    Trigeminal in So Much Pain and Numb to Lose

    Most All the


    Tools Appended

    to What is Now
    Naked, Enough,
    Whole Complete Existence

    Yet It’s True A Soft Bed is Still Nice
    Oh Lord AC in the Heat and Humidity
    of Northern Florida Hot Water in the Winter

    For Taking A Bath

    Athletic Shoes

    Enhance my
    Dance And Facebook
    Makes An Excellent Free ‘Cloud Source’
    Hard Drive Still For the 18.1 MiLLioN

    Words i Still Store From Just
    This Year in the 2265 Profile
    Pic Description Areas True

    Master The Tools

    Sign the Tools Up

    For Your Use

    No Longer A
    Slave Spoon-Fed From Birth

    In Short Find A Place in Life That
    Lends Space to Regulate Emotions
    And Integrate Senses Enough to Still
    Inhale Peace And Exhale Love Free

    As Soon As

    “You Save the World”

    True It’s What Buddhists Suggest at Least
    Enough Empathy And Compassion to Save The World Enough
    Emotional Regulation And Sensory Integration to Save Your Soul…


    Be Indeed
    Every Day
    ThiS Way With SMiLes…

    God it Helps So Much to
    Do It Wild And Free With
    No Over-Lords to Trap Our Soul in PRiSoN ON EarTH..:)


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