What an upset for the times: Rich Strike makes you want to go for it all

Long-shot Rich Strike stunned the crowd and won the 148th Kentucky Derby. He was at 80 to 1 odds. To think at 9am that day, Rich Strike wasn’t even in the race. It’s like that old adage if you’re not in it, you can’t win it.

If you have not yet watched the race, you must. You have to watch it with the volume fully up so that the incredulous voices of the commentators sends you chills down your spine. In hearing the race, as it is being called, makes you wish you could have a commentator call your life moves every once in a while. You would walk around, for sure, feeling like a champion. One of the funniest bits I heard about this race was that Rich Strike was like an old-school New York City cabbie who weaves in and out of 5pm Manhattan traffic to get you to your place on time, especially after you hailed them with the two fingers signal.

Anyway, you need a feel good moment to rally around, watch this horse just race like he had nothing to lose. He left nothing on the field and you can’t help but feel like you can do the same.

And, no one saw this coming! I feel inspired. 

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  1. It’s True No one Else Usually Sees it

    Yet A ‘Dark Horse’ Yes the “Long Shot Rich
    Strike” Smells It Feels IT First inspiring Others
    to Shoot
    For It All
    Hehe With

    Or Without
    A Gun of Course

    And Yes i Rather
    Dance and Sing
    Back of the Pack

    too Still With Invisible Ink

    Thanks So Much For Sharing
    This Indeed ‘A Sign for The Times’
    Forevermore NoW As Last Becomes


    Again With SMiLes…

    Although it’s True i For
    One Have Seen No Chance
    At All And Still Managed to

    Smell (my Wife Will
    Disagree with
    THiS ParT hehe)

    Like Roses NoW
    in Victory of ‘SH8T’
    Such A Colorful FLoWeR
    DarK Horse Fertilizer Makes..;)

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  2. I’m trying to do exactly that: leave nothing not expended. I’m SO slow compared to a racehorse it’s ridiculous, but I get there. Eventually. It’s the ones who don’t quit who get to the finish line.

    I have no one to beat but myself – and I don’t need competition, just support and ignoring nonsense. And then, every time so far, I get the clear brain, the little brain cells write, and another scene gets strung on the garland with the previous ones.

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