Well, that happened: oh Will Smith and the Oscars

Look, I used to be a huge Oscars fan. I even threw my own parties with silly trophies, popcorn, and own red carpet.  Then they got to be less and less fun to watch. At some point, it came to be I hadn’t seen the majority of the films and the acceptance speeches almost gave way to potty breaks.

Last night, however, the Oscars 2022 were one of those “oh boy” moments. For the viewers and attendees alike, people were left thinking “well, that happened.”  If you didn’t see it, the actor Will Smith slapped/hit the comedian Chris Rock on stage. It looked like he truly hit him. Probably because Chris Rock made a joke about Jada – Wll Smith’s wife.

Some saw it as a husband protecting his wife’s honor. Other’s openly questioned why he would commit such an act of honor and “protection” when they have an open marriage. Others thought Chris Rock was rightly turning the other cheek when he didn’t file charges with the LAPD. I am still not 100% convinced it was not all staged. Who knows these days? The ratings have been plummeting. Now, next year they can get try to get the two of them to co-host and people may tune in.

Let’s go back to that “well, that happened” thought. Sometimes ypu note that in a funny moment. Perhaps someone squirts milk out of their nose. Other times you say that when you are just left dazed and confused by what just occurred. Shocked. Surprised. Alarmed. Scratching your head. And, you may even be left ruminating about it not quite knowing how to react next.

In such an instance take stock, review, process, and move on. But be prepared for some type of carnival ride.

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  1. I don’t bother watching, haven’t in years. Hollywood has no imagination, the movies are remakes, sequels or just downright awful. There’s no Class in film making or in the “celebrities” themselves.


  2. “The Trump Effect”

    Oh Lord It’s Reached

    HollyWood on Even

    The Big Oscar’s Stage

    (The Toxic Oscar
    Meyer Kind Hehe)

    Where Actors
    Are Yet to


    The Art
    of Being Fully Human

    Yeah It’s True When i First
    Heard Trump Was Running
    For President And the Folks
    After the After Southern Baptist

    First Sunday ON the Farm Dinner
    Were Absolutely Ecstatic About His

    ‘No Moral/Ethical Compass Candidacy’ i Thought
    They Must Have Been Joking And Or i Was Waiting

    For ‘Rod Serling’
    To Come Out
    of the Side

    Show of the Oscar’s
    And Give His Narration
    of That Twilight Zone Episode too…

    ‘All the World’s A Stage’ and Some Are

    Merely Actors Who Never REALLY COME TO PLAY…
    GOD i Wish they made TV Shows Like ‘The Twilight Zone’


    Yet they
    Have to
    We Have the “Trump
    Reality Show” STiLL Now 24/7…;)


  3. I watched last night for the first time for as long as I can remember. Mainly I watched because I had seen almost all the nominated movies and really enjoyed several of them, especially Power of the Dog, Belfast and CODA. But after watching one insufferable, narcissistic speech after another, I realized why I never watch.


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