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The zen of having ridiculous, silly problems

Today is a day in which I hope to get some rest and decompress. With that said, I’m going to try to avoid watching the news. I’m sure I’ll catch a little here and there. I’ll also try to avoid anymore of the Will Smith and Chris Rock drama. What a way to ruin what should have been a momentous night for his family. Regardless of those caveats, I will probably watch some television.

Now, here’s the thing. While watching television I often write. I either am answering emails (which I readily admit is not much of a decompression strategy), writing a blog post, or texting. Now, here’s the thing. I can’t watch television while texting or other form of writing on my phone. To watch television I need my glasses. To write, I need to take off my glasses.

It is quite a silly problem. And, I’m ok having and talking about a silly problem. Not each problem should entail high-stakes drama. It’s silly but it does impact my attention and coordination. It’s as if I’m acquiring a new skill set.

Off I go on my merry way trying to figure out both big and small problems. I’m happy to just have the silly ones. If only that could be so.

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  1. Wow You Must be Super Near Sighted
    Like Me No Reading Glasses Close to

    62 Yet Surely Far Away With Lens Required

    And That’s Part of Why i Quit Wearing Contact

    (Oh Lord Plus the Dry Dry Dry Dry Eye Syndrome)

    Lens Once i Did Reach Close to Your Age Now Yes
    (One ‘Year of The Chinese New Year Rat’ Removed)

    i Couldn’t

    See Close Up
    Anymore With
    the Contact Lens
    And Still Could Without
    Any Lens At All i Rather Look
    Above The Lens Close Up Yet

    Interestingly Enough my Vision
    Improved With my Corrective Lens
    From 20-40 in My Left Eye to 20-25
    And From 20-30 in my Right Eye to 20-20 When

    i Reached Age 60 Years-Old What’s The Difference

    i Started Using My Long Vision More Walking Regularly
    (Another Benefit in Routine Change Due to Covid-19

    LockDowns And Yes
    Associated Restrictions)

    Seems to have Made
    A Difference As They
    Do Suggest in Super Screen
    Attached Technological Societies

    That is actually Leading to the Majority
    of the Population Requiring Corrective
    Lenses From A Younger Age Yet i Still

    Do A Tremendous Amount of Screen-Work
    Yet Look Out into Nature Outside my Window

    to Eternity

    of Green
    And Colors
    Now Spring
    True Nature Will Eliminate
    So Many ‘First World Problems’
    Particularly Starting Within Naked
    Enough Whole Complete Returning
    to Green Acres of Leaf Feeding Tree

    And Fertilizing Soils Year ‘Round For Green Growth

    Gump Whole’ Hehe

    As Feather Becomes Wind…
    Again Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete
    Shedding All Clothes of First World Problems Indeed..:)


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