Giving up is illegal- so says my son

My son has some very interesting opinions. He is a bit stubborn as well. He gets that from me. Thus, I can’t readily complain about that characteristic. He is also quite warm and funny with some good comedic timing. He’s all that and more.

As he is now a teenager, I occasionally look through my old photographs of him, as well as old drawings and notes. One thing I came across recently was a note I wrote to myself based on a conversation with him. This was a year or so ago when he was still a tween and not a teen.

The note read, that according to my son, giving up is illegal. For the life of me I can’t remember that conversation. It may have been based on a show such as the 4400 that we were watching together. I’m fairly sure I told him you can’t force people to keep going no matter what. There are times when you should stop pushing a fruitless endeavor. However, I do get why an eleven year old may make such a statement. At that point in life, they have daily homework. One shouldn’t give up on that. At that point, they are dreamers thinking of what may be. Who they might become. At that point (nowadays) they are often involved in daily competitive XBox games. Much at that age is about not giving up.

Then we grow up. Become hardened, cynical, and tired. You realize you can’t do everything. But it sure is still nice to think we can change things and start over and not give up on our dreams. Sometimes we really do need that teenage mentality and mindset.

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  1. Walking Around the Neighborhood Block Yesterday
    An African American Woman Lifted Her Voice to

    me Asking me to Pray for Her Husband Who
    Passed away Unexpected the Day Before Yes

    Both Were Ministers in a Non-Denominational
    Church Where Here Where i LiVE iN The
    Deep South Where Women Are Often
    Relegated to Speak Second

    Both Husband and Wife

    Performed those
    Ministerial Duties

    At A Church They Built
    From Ground Up As Just
    A Volunteer Aspect of Life
    Man With Long Military And
    Contract Military Career of Honor Dying

    Anyway i Told Her my Story of Never
    Giving Up How For 66 Months i Didn’t Know
    (That Is Weird MoonLight Sonata Started
    Playing on YouTube And i Didn’t Press Any
    Buttons) if i Could Survive Another Second
    All 66 Months True ‘That’ Would Have Been
    A Good Song For Those 66 Months too and Yes

    (Of Course, i Composed My Own Similar Before
    on the Piano Recorded on a Cheap Dictation
    Device in 2007 True my Right Hemisphere
    Was Desperately Holding On For Dear Life
    As Left Brain Was Taking Breath Away From

    My Right Brain Wholly Open Soul Free Yep
    It’s Called “Challenging Alexithymia” Still
    A Number One Video Search Result on
    Google With Search in Quotes Like That
    Now Yet It’s 11 Minutes And 22 Seconds
    Far too Long to Accompany These Words
    Yet The Essence of Soul Escape Same)

    Understanding Beethoven’s Struggles
    You Can Hear His Soul Desperately
    Escaping Through the Notes that
    Pensive Look On His Face i am
    Surely Still Capable of Making

    As What i Did Earn in those
    66 Months of the Suicide
    Disease Not Taking my

    Life is Never Give
    Up As When All
    Hope is Gone
    All Emotions
    Even the
    of A Smile
    A Worse Pain and
    Numb Than the Assessed
    Worst Pain Type Two Neuralgia
    From Wake to Sleep for 66 Months Yes

    It Is the Human Will That ‘Trumps’ All Emotions
    (Secret of Trump’s Success too For Nefarious Ways)
    All SMiLes Even All Love Yes Just The Will To Survive

    The Shadow
    Real That
    Saves Our
    Lives Beyond
    All Other Virtues
    The Reptile Brain of Survival

    Core to The Survival Of Our Breath Above
    And Beyond All Love, Faith, And Hope Lost

    As “Avenged Sevenfold” Dances Sings With Arms Held
    ACross As Crosses “Shepherd of Fire” Within Indeed Still


    i AM

    Giving Up
    Out of Nothing
    Something Rises


    This Miracle
    Still Just This Breath New Now
    Flavored Again With Love, Faith, And Hope
    What is Still MiSSinG From a Villain’s Repertoire…


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