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Daylight Savings Time is here to mess with me again

I’m looking at the clock and thinking I should get up. It’s sunny. It’s bright. I think I heard a bird chirping. But I’m also tired and know the time has been sped up. The time is wrong. Daylight Savings Time is here to mess with me again.

I want to sleep some more. I dig in deeper under my covers. But the sun is mocking me. It’s cruel actually since it is 24 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s cold out. The month of March wants to mess with our heads just a bit more. It’s a moody, temperamental month. One day 70 degrees, the next 25 degrees. One day sunny, the next day snowy mush.

I contemplate getting up. However, I’m loathed to. Conundrum. I feel I need to get things done. Yet, I feel like I should just curl up and say no to the time thief.

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  1. I agree with Lisa. If you sleep in longer every day, that’s a problem. If it’s in the name of daylight savings one or two days a year, then you’ve got good company in that all over the country


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