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Hello Monday, Here I come

Hello Monday. Here I come. Here I am. Here I go. What’s the come depends on what fails to show up. Packed calendar. Hungry eyes. Ravenous stomach. Starving for a reprieve. Well, starving for a good day to start off the week. One Monday after another. The Monday blues. Not my worry. The Monday foresight disturbs me. Look ahead. See a long path. Yet the days are turning over and over in a blur.

Hello Monday. I came to say be kind. I hope you ease into the week. Be resolute.

Tonight, we’ll say goodbye to hopefully say a gentle hello again.

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  1. It’s A Lot Like Selling Tires

    SMiLes As Science Shows
    Imagine Gaining Strength
    Exercising in A Cast And
    A Group That Does This

    Opposed to
    A Control
    Group That
    Does Not Will

    Gain Both Size
    And Strength in this
    Mind Over Matter Way

    of Processing Our Realities

    Oh My Goodness Leap of Logic
    In Effect of Action Practice Apply
    That Placebo Effect Continuing

    To Strengthen it And Who Knows/
    Feels What Limits May Fall away

    Previously Considered out

    of Reach Imagine

    Every Day

    Is So Dam Wonderful
    Small Steps Always Practice
    Climb Higher Until Monday Becomes
    Saturday Morning And Monday Never

    Comes Again i am no Pollyanna Alone
    Though For me at Least Re-Tiring First IS A Must
    to Cover Already Barren Wheels of Life With New Rubber…

    Oh Lord It’s Already
    4:04 PM Still Can’t
    Find That
    Hour i

    Lost on
    Sunday Hehe
    Almost Makes
    it Feel Like Monday
    Yet No i Do Still Persevere Saturday

    in my Park Where i Really Have No Idea
    What Time it is Like The 5th of July And
    The Ides of March on the 13th Instead of the 15th Hehe…
    As It’s Only “Pi Day,” the 14th And My Wife Made

    Chocolate Chip Cookies Instead…

    Yes, Like The Elder Lady Then
    Younger Than me Now Said
    At Work, “Fred, No Matter
    How much oF IT That
    Happens You

    Fall Into

    You Come
    Up Smelling Like
    Roses,” And She
    Didn’t Say it in a Nice way Either, hehe..:)


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