Counting sheep doesn’t warm the sheets

Crispy shrunken sheets from the laundry

Scattered pillows spotted with tear drops

Hidden streaming tears cutting the face

The cramped leg and full bladder at odds

To move, move on in a disconnected world

It’s a cold, cold bed

A time for rest is a myth

Rest can only come from a settled mind

Counting sheep doesn’t warm the sheets

And no good comes from hope

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  1. “Interbeing”

    Not in the Dictionary

    Yet Never The Less A Way

    of Being Connecting to All of


    Co-Creating So Free

    Effortless in Ease in Flow

    On Task Never Stressing Much
    At All or Feeling Anxiety At All So

    Are You Getting Sleepy Yet Are

    You Getting Sleepy yet

    Perhaps my


    Will Put You
    In A Trance
    of Flow And Put You to
    Sleep i Will Hope So at Least…

    My Mother Had Such a Soothing
    Voice This Way So Did my Great
    Aunt All Their Words Were Song of Poetry

    Oh How i wanted to Put myself to Sleep Then
    Those Days When Sleep Was the Difference


    Living Hell

    And Nightmares
    Greater Than Hell…
    And True i Fully Understand
    my Privilege of Being Here Now
    Able to Relate Hell and Heaven
    and the Tween At All iN A “Baptism
    of Sleep,” Lullaby, Lullaby, Lullabye,
    ‘Queensrÿche’ Has “Silent Lucidity” For This True too..:)


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