The big bunny cries into his blanket

Another restless night with restless legs and a restless heart. Another tiresome day with tiring thoughts and a tiresome laugh. 10, 8, 80. Numbers are just numbers until they repeat and repeat some more. What’s the meaning of it all? Don’t want it anymore. The tears hurt the chest. The body is tired. The water bottle mocks in the middle of the night. That is sadness. The big bunny cries into his blanket and the poodle whines not knowing what to do. This is all true. And, into the night we yearn to want to sleep.

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  1. SMiLes i had to Deal
    With The Incompetence

    of the Insurance Industry

    Today And Once Again Play

    A Role of Correcting Other

    Folks Mistakes

    They Get

    Paid to Do…

    Basically i’m
    Glad i Don’t
    Get Paid to Do That
    Anymore Hehe And
    Not It’s All For Free..:)


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