Interviews should be a two-way street

We are all talking about it. The great resignation economy. The economy people want out of. The jobs people are leaving. And, its across all strata. Even CEOs are taking a time out. Apparently, there’s also now a lay flat economy where people don’t want to necessarily climb the corporate ladder. They want to live, date, have fun and get out. Climbing the ladder just means more hassles for very few rewards. Being at the top is not necessarily a fun or good place to be.

Hence, as people reflect during the month of December where they want to be next year (forget five year plan), they might throw their hat in the ring here and there but they are not doing it quietly. Nor should they. Interviews should be a two-way street where the interviewee gets to determine whether a place is a right fit for them and not just whether they are a right fit for the employer. It needs to be a two-way street.

Some employers these days make a person take four hour long personality assessments and go through five rounds of interviews. Meanwhile, the candidate is to remain calm and presentable through it all. It’s all performative. A scene. However, the interviewee has more power these days to determine fitness. Resignation economy. Lay flat economy. Whatever economy. Time to change up the rules.

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    Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Free!

    Other Than That Have a Nice Night PM…

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    AM True too..:)


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