Not knowing why

In psychology, we note that there are times (many often) in which we may not know why we have done or said something. Sometimes we can’t quite spell out a why. We don’t always know our own motivation.

As kids, we are (were) honest about not knowing why we did something. “Why you hit jimmy?” Shrug. Put on impish face. “I don’t know.” As we get older we get pressed more readily for the “why”. And, at times we oblige. Even when we know no more than we did when we were kids.

Where am I going with this? There are “why” and there are “how” people. The “why” people need buy-in and motivation. The “how” people need structure. The how people may just be happier people in the end. Happier than the “why” people, that is.

Often we are not satisfied with the why answers we get. Often we give incomplete, even inaccurate, why answers ourselves. We are all on some journey through our lives and we must have patience as we seek answers from others as well as ourselves. We also need to be on point and on the lookout for those who give easy answers- particularly as it comes to the rationale for their behaviors toward you.

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  1. Yeah It’s ‘Funny’ Dear Psychologist
    Mimi When Folks In the Same Breath

    Ask Me Why i Always
    Dance And Sing

    Forever Now

    Free Like This

    Is No Tomorrow
    Or Yesterday For

    Never Any Money,
    Or Other Expected
    Rewards or Awards

    Externally Of Course

    And Then They Ask

    How in the World You

    (What Drugs are You On)

    Stay So Happy Always

    Blood, Sweat, And Tears

    Is The How of Loving Life

    The Rest oF iT iS Rather Easy
    Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE NoW…

    Within WHeRE No Fear or Anxieties Exist

    All All That’s Left Over After That Grace
    in Balance of Foundation LoVE NoW is

    Strength of WiLL ETeRNaLLY NoW

    For Real

    For Real

    For Real

    That is the Hardest
    Part For Others Now to
    See Why And How For Real…
    Like Any Other Living Tree With
    Leaves That Rise Green Feeding Higher
    Leaves Falling Brown Fertilizing New Trees

    Moves That Become Steps of Holy Dance Now

    Words That Become Song of Holy Poetry No Different

    Except in This Case i Control The Weather Within Mastering


    BRingS For Real..:)

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  2. My experience is that there are different kinds of “Why?” people. “Why” is actually a quest for causality. Some are seeking a deeper understanding of “how” the world works.

    And then there are the people who ask why in looking for a way to place blame and not to understand anything deeper. “Why did you do it?” becomes a trial by which your motives are judged as adequate or inadequate.

    Then, there is something to be said for people who persist in asking, “Why not?”

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