Sold my soul to their world of doubt

Doubt is a horrible infection. It oozes and bleeds. It brings on a fever of discomfort and sadness. It makes you question yourself in unhealthy ways.

Doubt is also a weapon used by the ungrateful and toxic people seeking leverage. Doubt is a crown of thorns.

Don’t be indebted to the doubt spreaders. Fight their war of doubt by focusing on your strengths and knowing your worth.

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  1. I find others directing me towards doubting can be a vicious cycle. Predators use doubt to erode our own knowing and wisdom. However I also find doubt, at least the version I learned as an application in Zen, opens the doors to understanding. I find myself not accepting what’s said or pointed towards at face value, always asking two questions. How do they know that? And more importantly, How do I know that? Thanks for this post.


  2. Silence May Breed
    Most Doubt oF all
    SPeaKinG Up
    And MaKinG
    A Way
    of BRinGinG
    LiGHT From DarK
    Waves Low and High
    Waves Die Without High And Low…
    Frequencies Vibrations Energy’s Play of Synergy
    DarK And LiGHT
    Hands in Hands of Seeing More..:)


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