Been missing the excitement formula

I am the type of person who gets excited about being excited. I like cheering myself on while also boosting others. I like the taste of joy.

I recently read that excitement is a mixture of enthusiasm, motivation, intuition and creativity. That seems about right to me. As long as the environment- the context- is one that allows for all four components to grow and thrive. One would think that those who supposedly want you to succeed would help plant the seeds for excitement. If you are not excited about your goals, you are likely to hit some achievement blocks. Thus, it’s imperative to encourage these components of excitement.

Sadly, however, I have come across some joyless people who feel it necessary to bring you down and stomp on your enthudiasm and stamp out your creativity. Some people just can’t support excitement and feel the need to pinch you while dreaming.

To those excitement deniers, I say “go away”. Go to your own putrid well and soak in it while leaving the joy-seekers alone. My sense of excitement has been on a rollercoaster of sorts this past year. What I have come to realize is that I can’t let others tinker with my excitement formula. Need to compartmentalize and box out those joyless individuals. It’s not easy to do but is a requirement to get one’s life going.

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  1. Hehe in 2014 Writing Free Verse
    Whatever it is i Write on an Online ‘dVerse’
    Poetry Pub Site One of the ‘Poetry Professionals’

    Told me ‘i Hate to Rain on Your Parade Yet There
    is A Limit of 14 Lines to ‘Good Poetry’ Double Spaced…’

    And Then Another Day One Said Such A Shame

    You Could Be So Good If You Just Left

    All the Pics Out Yet i suppose

    She Didn’t Understand

    Poetry Will Be

    Only Visual

    Thinking too Beyond
    Words Where Photos
    Sprout Meaning and Purpose

    So Far Beyond Just ‘Left Brain Think’
    All Analytical And Cold Measuring Verse
    By Mathematical Formulas Oh Lord i Left that
    Way of Life Back in the Purgatory Through Hell
    of School And Work Years in ‘The Other Place’…

    It’s Like Public Dance ‘Big Boy Trump Voters’ Before
    Trump Became The Despicable Leader for Those Minions

    Suggested i Danced Ridiculous And Of Course i Did Silly is Fun

    Silly is
    the Road

    to Joy and

    The Highway

    To Heaven And True

    Eventually Getting Assessed

    As Public Dance Legend and Famous

    too As Ya Don’t Think About the Dance

    Your Body Eventually Works Out All of the Soul
    Moves Without The Mechanical Monkey Mind Upstairs…

    It’s No Different

    Than Song Now

    The Beatles Didn’t

    Create The Best Selling

    Albums of All Days and

    Songs Like the ‘Walrus’ and

    ‘Yellow Submarine’ By Going to

    School And Work They Just Took

    A Nap And Let the Grass Grow on ItS Own

    For You See Like Whitman They Already Understood

    They Were Leaves of Grass And Dead Leaves Fertilizing this Soil


    to Grow

    New Souls

    Free Just for
    The Silly Joy Now of
    This Miraculous Gift of Breath…

    Funny How that Works Funny How
    Free IS A Real Bread And Water of Love..:)

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