False hope would keep them going for another year

They packed the ornament with great care and love. Such was the ritual for the past ten years. They got into the car and drove all night alternating between singing and being in deep reflection.

They arrived at the house and had a few beers. They then unpacked the ornament and made their way to the spot. They kept their eyes closed for a minute and then placed the ornament on the tree. It was never an easy thing to do. They waited for his appearance for two hours but he never did appear. False hope would keep them going for another year.

Categories: Psychology

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  1. i Understand Some Folks
    Are Still Awaiting The

    Great Orange Pumpkin’s

    Return in August

    Before that

    It Was

    Someone Else…

    Before That Someone Else…

    Some Folks Are Still Waiting on ‘Godot’ too…

    For me at Least
    i PainT A New


    On my Christmas
    Evergreen Tree Always Now

    Yet i Never Root it i Always Fly
    On Terrestrial Land Floating as
    WaLKinG on Water is Way too Boring Surfing

    Or Flying Into Outer Space When i Already Exercise

    ‘The All’…



    With Gravity
    FoR ReaL NoW..:)


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