Heroes and heroism: Where are we?

Times have changed. Times continue to change. Where it all ends up, who knows. Society is being reshaped. It’s undergoing a metamorphosis. We are awakening from a moment of stasis.

People want to continue this change or so it seems for many. The workplace changed completely this past year. Words such as essential workers became standard and widely used. As the word “hero”. The word hero being applied in so many contexts and so continously that it might be losing its strength as a concept. I had already noted this eight years back and the word’s metamorphosis appears to be accelerating.

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  1. Hmm… According to Joseph Campbell And Many Others the Hero’s Journey
    Is An Archetype of Humanity Where We Are Called to Adventure at a Point in
    Our Life Where We May Not Be Willing to Accept the Call And Then We Travel


    A Dark Abyss

    Period of Life

    Losing All Hope

    And Coming Back to

    Loving All In Light And

    Sharing Giving The Journey out

    of Dark With Others Full of Compassion

    And Empathy Able to Forgive The Devil in

    Hell As That is What The Devil Does When

    The Devil Really Gets Out of Hell (the DarK) And



    Free Again

    With Love For

    All Into the LiGHT
    i asked the Google Search

    Engine For An Answer to Where

    Our CuLTuRE Overall Sees the Hero’s Journey

    And Yes Mariah Carey Had this to Say About the Issue:

    “And then a hero comes along
    With the strength to carry on
    And you cast your fears aside
    And you know you can survive
    So when you feel like hope is gone
    Look inside you and be strong
    And you’ll finally see the truth
    That a hero lies in you”

    As Yes She Tends to
    Agree with Joseph Campbell

    Still Now in 2021 By First Hit
    of A Google Search Yet When

    Hero is Capitalized We Get the
    Dictionary Definition First that is:

    “a person who is admired or idealized for courage,
    outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
    “a war hero”

    And That Sounds A lot More Like ‘Superman’ Than Mariah Carey

    So Where The Hell Does Superman Come From Well off Course He

    And The Other Comic Book Heroes Come From Pale Young Men Mostly

    Who Were Bullied in School And Day Dreamed They Had Some Kind of Super

    Power to Get Revenge on the ones Who Bullied Them… So What We Have is

    Super Powers for Revenge in Most Every Hero Story on the Big Screen Yet

    Is That All Where The ‘War Hero’ Comes into Play Well No For As Long

    As There Have Been Humans Living in Scarcity of Subsistence

    Hoarding Grains in Silos Where There Are Haves and Have

    Nots There has Been Us Versus Them to Champion

    Territory, Subsistence, And Reproductive

    Rights So then Tribal God’s Emerge

    in Stories That Dash Stones

    Against the Head’s

    Of Opposing

    Tribe’s Children

    And Take Reproductive
    Rights Away From Women

    All the Way From Rape to Sell

    For Bondage in Legal Papers for Marriage

    As A Contract Separate From Cattle Held in Concubines

    True As Far As Pop-Psychology Goes All that Separates A

    Villain From a Hero is A Villain Has Close to Zero Levels of Empathy

    For Others and A Hero Has so Much Empathy He And Or She is Not

    Able to Separate His and or Her Needs From the Needs of Others and

    Even Frans de Waal Father of the Alpha Male Theory of Chimps Relates

    An Alpha Male Leader is Picked as the Hero Who is Most Cooperative With

    The Most Empathy to Care for All of the Rest of the Chimps At Hand And Additionally

    The Servant Leader Has the Highest Levels of Cortisol Stress As It Ain’t Easy Caring

    For Everyone

    And Basically




    Needs Often Last

    True in this Way Giving

    Sharing Their LiVinG Life with all Others

    Most As A Way of Love And Cooperation

    And Empathy As the Hero is the Servant of All

    So How The Frigging Hell Did Donald J Trump Become

    And Still Does Live As A Hero to So Many So-Called Conservative

    Republican Evangelistic Christians Who Still Stand By all the Obvious

    Villain Things He Did in Life With Close to Zero Levels of Empathy as

    A Most Despicable Leader Villain in Demagogue Style Rivaling Folks Like

    Adolph Hitler Admitting He would Shoot Someone on 5th Avenue From the
    Start and all the Minions Would Still Support Him Modeling His Unmasked Behavior

    in A Deadliest Pandemic Dropping Like Flies Still On 5th avenue over 600,000 Strong


    Dead Dead
    For It’s True Not

    Nearly that Many would
    Be Dead Dead Dead if a
    Real Hero Leader With Empathy
    For All was in Charge Leading the
    Way Protecting the Sanctity of all Breathing Life…

    Well Let’s Return to Religion which is really just another Name for

    Politics And Culture And Philosophy What Bonds Folks Together in

    Common Binds Yes Let’s Return to the Tribal Gods Who at One Point

    in the Stories Loves All In Peace Enemy Same As FRiEND And God the

    Same By God Even in Only one Man and by Words of So-Called Last Prophets

    In Other Last so-Called Books Written That Have all the so-called Answers to Life…

    In Both Cases

    The All Forgiving

    All Loving Peaceful

    All Merciful God

    Tortures those

    Who Do Not Comply

    Forever As That All Loving

    Forgiving Merciful God Changes

    Into the All Non-Forgiving Merciless

    God by the End of Both Stories that

    Close to Half of the World HoldS in So Many

    Similar Versions of their Truth in Life As the Hero

    Is the One Who Comes Back And Tortures the Enemies

    in Revenge Forevermore Again Just Never Ending Torture

    That Puts ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’ And the ‘Silence of the Lambs’ Changed into

    Goats Burned Forever into A Whole New Level of Trump Psychopathy Even More too…

    The Truth is Hard for

    Many to Hear

    But this is true

    People Have

    Been Worshipping

    The External Hero Villain ever

    Since Stories With Bad Endings Started

    There is a Kinder Gentler Way of Joesph Campbell/

    Mariah Carey For in This Case Just Being Human

    Finding the Light in the Darkest Parts of Soul within

    Spreading that Light as Love to All Others is A Damn

    Sight Better Than Heroes Who Live For Revenge And

    Torturing The Enemy

    forever in the



    ending end

    Anyway this is why
    Folks Who Worship Trump (no real difference)

    Tend to Worship the Same Kind of God

    It’s a Matter of Humanity And Who Has

    The Empathy and Compassion For All And

    Who Has Yet to Remember And Do what Humanity

    And Even Chimps Do Living in Greater Overall Animal

    Homeostasis with the Rest of Nature and Each Other…

    Anyway i didn’t Come Here to tell Anyone what to do Just

    Sharing my Truth in Light as Heroes Who Come out of the

    Dark Always will

    Do in Human


    And Form

    As Just


    Nobody with

    A Tool of LoVE iN LiGHT For ALL

    No Frigging Exclusions All Body
    Parts oF ALL Equal in Love For What they Touch in Essence And Form FOR REAL

    NOW A Pandemic is A Place of Darkness for Humanity to Come Out of A Pandemic of

    Humanity that is Lost in the Lies of External Stories That Ruins Who We even Are as Human…

    Yes The Answers to The Dark come From Within too often Folks Look For A Hero Coming From

    Somewhere Else Yet the Only Place That We Truly Live For Real Within indeed Then We Share And Give…

    So Free…

    If We Are

    That Fortunate

    To Truly Set Ourselves

    Free Finally Unafraid of

    DarK No Longer Cynical oF LiGHT…

    Anyway You Are My Hero For the

    Day for Inspiring these Words for the

    Secret to the Real Hero Is Seeing Everyone

    Even Less than A Grain of Sand As The Same Hero God….

    God Beyond Words God Beyond Fear God This Only Breath Now i BREaTHE



    Giving Free

    In Ease Just Another

    Nile Overflowing in the Fall

    September of Fertility Always Now

    Hehe at Least on the Fall Equinox When i was conceived in ’59 hehe…

    And Scheduled for Birth on the Summer Solstice in ’60 if Not For the Doctor
    Going on Vacation Giving me A Memorable Induced Early BirthDate of 6.6.60 HAha

    We All


    An ‘Omen’

    of DarK And
    LiGHT iN This Life

    Either We Consume it

    And Grow or ‘The Bar Eats Us’…

    (Reference to ‘the Big Lebowski’
    Movie in “What Happened to ‘Donnie’”
    And Yes the Theme Song Here, ‘Rapture’ by ‘Blondie’ too)

    i am Starting A New Blog Post Today “Celebrating 8 YearS iN Heaven”

    As Usual Before Publishing the Last one “15,000 MiLes oF Public Dancing”

    Again Thank You PsychologistMimi From New York, New York; Almost As Reliable

    as ‘the Nile’ hehe… It’s Really Okay That You Skipped one Day of Being Here With SMiLes..:)


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