If you lost everything how would you get it back?

Many of us own a lot of things. I don’t even mean cars, houses or businesses. We own too many shoes, dresses, and knick knacks. Some of us still own photo albums. There’s a lot of “stuff” in our lives. Some of us are clutteted. I have now lived in my current apartment for a year and a half, and some items remain unpacked.

Yet, if I were to lose everything tomorrow, I’d be devasted. Admittedly, however I wouldn’t even remember some of those lost knick knacks. Thus, it wouldn’t matter.

Yet, there are some grand things in my life that would cause me great grief were I to lose them tomorrow. What would I do? Cry, probably. Then get angry. Then somehow get things back in order. Or so I hope that I would. The strategies and tactics would depend on how I lost the items.

The most important thing to consider would be whether I lost it all due to something I did and whether I could recognize that. Only then can a strategy involving humility can be formulated.

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  1. Someone once said “Either we own the stuff or the stuff owns us.” I once lost almost everything in an arson fire…set by my next door neighbor. It was an unexpected lesson in letting go. Great post today. Best, Babsje


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