Maturity comes when you stop making excuses

I am someone who was taught to respect my elders and show deference to their wisdom. Or rather lived experience. And, as a trainer in the past I most definitely made to sure to acknowledge experience. Thus, what I have to say next has nothing to do with disrespecting experience.

Many people do believe that because they have been doing something for a long time, they know best how to do it. I think we can all agree that is simply not true. Have you seen the TED talk on how we’ve all been tying our shoelaces incorrectly our whole lives? If you haven’t, I recommend watching it. The talk is just about three minutes long.

The same philosophy holds true in regards to perceived and self-ascribed maturity. Many would argue there is a direct relationship and set correlation between age and maturity. However, that is not correct, either. At least not in my book.

You can say you’ve reached a certain level of maturity when you can own your mistakes and own them publicly (visibly). You reach maturity when you stop making excuses. Step up and step in, is how I like to refer to it. Courage may be needed but that is ok.

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  1. Personally Glad i Didn’t
    Reach Maturity at
    21 Or 47


    Be Dead


    For Maturity
    Vary My Definitions
    Match None Of The ‘Norm’

    How Do Sunsets And
    Sunrises Mature… If They

    Did They Surely Would Be


    To me At Least…
    Some Never Stop
    Coloring… All Sunsets
    And Sunrises… Some Humans too…

    Generally People Become
    More Rigid And Averse to

    Change As They Grow Elder…

    So Do Domesticated Cats…

    Truly Cats


    me More

    About Humanity
    Than 3 Degrees in
    Health Science, Anthropology,
    And Social Sciences Put Together…


    Those Three
    Degrees Only
    Study Domesticated

    Humans… i Lived With
    A Feral Cat… He Always
    Searched For New Sources

    Of Water…



    On What He

    Was Spoon-Fed in Life…

    And Most Importantly

    He Never Stopped Playing

    Just Like A Kitten As




    Wild Means

    Breathing Surviving

    Really Breathing Surviving

    my Sister Has A Once Feral

    Cat too Expressing So

    Much More Epigenetic

    Potential Across The

    Life Span

    No Thanks

    To Domesticated

    Maturity i Do Wilding

    my Wife Does All The Adulting

    To Be Clear it’s Not Normal

    It Reflects A Life of A



    More Than
    Domesticated Human

    Yet It’s Free And It’s Play

    And to

    me at


    It’s Really

    Living Coloring
    Sunrises Sunsets Free 🌄

    -Curious George AKA me


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