It’s always about the tequila, let’s give rum some love

I will state outright that I am not a tequila fan. I can occasionally stand to drink one margarita -especially a grapefruit or passionfruit one- here and there. And, by that maybe once every eight months or so. When I lived in California, tequila was everywhere. However, my family is from the Caribbean. Rum is the drink of choice.

I am amused, however, by the fact that there are hundreds if not thousands of songs that mention tequila. I do think that many more do mention whiskey. Especially a whiskey chaser.

I’m here to plead the case for rum to be sung about here and there, as well. There are many things that can rhyme with rum. There’s gum, come, bum, plum, mum, some, drum and so forth. Some good stories and lyrics can be spun about rum, succumbing, and plums.

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  1. Hehe You Bring Back Dreams
    Of Rum And Coke HAha

    Not Really

    Dreams Just

    M E M O R iES

    What Was Named

    “Welfare Wednesday”
    25 Cent Well-Drinks at
    ‘Club 2001’ Back in the
    Early 80’s Then Hehe Back

    When Almost No One Danced

    Solo and You Had to Muster the
    Courage if You Were A Dude to Ask

    A Girl to Dance HAha Now the Entire

    Dance Hall Experience is Just One Everyone

    Rave Not Much Asking And A Lot of Taking

    Without Asking too

    in Many


    Ways of Dance
    Surprisingly By

    The Gender Who Once

    By Tradition At Least Much

    Less Physically Aggressive As Such

    Anyway Wall Flower me 4 Beers to Even
    Get the Courage Drinking Them in the
    Parking Lot in my Car to Even Walk In

    So Dam Cheap i Only Brought 4 Dollars
    Max For 4 Drinks the Rest For Tips

    Yet Boy Like Every one Else

    Was i Really Ignorant

    And Uneducated

    As So Many

    Folks Drove


    Then After thinking
    The Effect Was Gone
    After Several Hours Dancing
    or Standing Against the Wall

    And Not Really Flowering Then

    i Was Amazed to See one Dude
    A Father of one of my FRiEnDS at
    Age 42 Still Alive Enough to Come in
    That Place then Everyone Was Truly
    Supportive of His Efforts to Remain Young

    At Least i Found One Hero And Mentor to
    Emulate Totally Stone Cold Sober in Bliss of
    Meditating Moving Solo Dance At 60 And Beyond

    Nope Hadn’t Needed A Drink or Cup of Coffee Since
    Age 47 to Relax or Perk Up All the Way From the Beginning of Hell
    Heaven Now just Would Only Sully The Experience of Nirvana now

    And True


    To Change

    Real HeLL ON

    Earth Within Nothing
    At All to add to the Endless
    Fires Cold Within Oh The Hope

    Now Oh The Ever Lasting Breath..

    Or The Rum And Coke Then Providing
    Courage Just to Stand Up Against A Wall

    Holding it Up As Such Going Nowhere At all…:)


  2. I admire people who can drink either. Tequila and I had a terrible night together in my 20s and I had to break up with it. Rum and I had a terrible night together in my 30s and I subsequently had to break off that relationship as well. Enjoy your time with Captain Morgan and perhaps Jose Cuervo as well. 😀


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