The cicadas are coming: Large-scale mating post-pandemic.

The year 2021 marks the return of the cicadas. It would have been way more fitting last year. Yet, here we go. After 17 years, millions of large cicada will emerge aboveground.

This group of cicadas that is about to emerge, is known as Brood X (as in the Roman numeral 10). And lucky us, Brood X is among the  geographicallly largest of all the 17-year cicada cycles. Even mote lucky for me, New York will ne one of the states the brood gets to fly about and mate in. Think about it. We are talking about a large-scale mating call. I supposed that appropos post a pandemic. Yes, I do get we are not post pandemic. We are still in the thick of it all. The variants are not going away and people are not understanding that.

But I digress. I meant for this to be a bit funny. Where did my sense of humor go?

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