Is there only one who is The One?

Last year, during the height of the pandemic, everyone was talking about Tiger King. Well, not me. I didn’t care for it even though I didn’t even know the premise. Then one night late, late summer I caught a few episodes. I felt caught up in a surreal twilight zone. I don’t think I got past the third episode. If even that.

Fast forward a year, and now “The One” is all the rage. The premise didn’t really captivate me. Yet, a dear friend recommended I catch it. The premise, the one may be predetermined by DNA. However, and I’m not spoiling the show, the question ever more lingers: is there only one who is “the one”? And, does being matched to the one change who you are?

There’s more to the show. There’s a murder mystery. There’s a corporate power struggle where you are made to feel disgust and anger at the protagonist. Well, even the love stories make you dislike the protagonist. However, there was one part that resonated with me. The protagonist, who is the CEO of the One matching company, sacrificed everything for that company. Yet, others were gunning for her not recognizing how she had put that organization front and center and everything else becane collateral. She had been matched with the one yet power hunger and world-wide recognition (basically the ego) was the predominant impulse. So, can the one even exist in such a context?

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