Many people, besides Andrew Cuomo, try to brazen it out

All of the Sunday news shows talked a bit (some more than others) about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the political firestorm in which he finds himself. Many reporters have noted that Cuomo has noted repeatedly that he will not resign. I’m not here to discuss the allegations against him.

What I am here to talk about is his apparent brazeness, as one reporter noted. This reporter stated how the Governor of Virginia just brazened out his political storm. He rode it out despite many calls for him to resign. This reporter wondered whether Cuomo would end up doing the same. I don’t know.

What I do know is that in my own personal life, I have come across those people who are ill-suited for their position not because of skills set but because they were just horrible people who misused their power (no matter how small that sliver of power was). I have seen those people gaslight others. I have seen them bully others into believing they were needed despite their horrible nature. And, that’s part of the problem. There are enablers all around those people.

Without a group to prop up those horrible people, they can’t brazen it out. But there’s always a group of people willing to roll the dice and get in on the train to brazenville. Yes, I made up that word. I think.

Do I feel bitter about people brazing it out. Yes, at times. Other times I just have to out brazen them. Sad. But one can never discount or underestimate the sheer willpower some people have to stay in power. No matter how small their role is. Whether its the pen distributor in the office or the president of an entity. The question is how do you burst that brazen bubble?

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  1. I’m of the belief that everyone a accused has the right to stare their state and are innocent until proven guilty. In the the case of Cuomo I feel he is courageous enough to say hey wait a minute. There’s women from 2014 coming out with no proof if wrongdoing other that their accusations. I’m reminded of Al Franken who was attacked by one women’s and the Dems demanded he reside and bingo he did with a hearing, an investigation , nothing. Everyone deserves s a hearing . The Capitol rioters will get one , so should Cuomo. Nothing brazen about demanding it.


  2. Often in Life There is Dark and Light to Every
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    Shame that Sadly

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    Even if such things in Public are Seen As Brazen

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    True Some

    Days ya

    Just Gotta

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    Brazen to Change

    The Direction of a Dance

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    Now to the Point Where Most all

    of what May


    is the
    Meme of A Trump Frown…:)


  3. The bubble might burst if we paid attention for longer than a few days. Politicians know that our attention span is only good until the next crisis or manufactured crisis. We lose focus and they continue. It’s a waiting game, but it seems to work in these days of constant worry, anxiety, and problem identification. Perhaps more focus on problem solving?


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