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Merck and Johnson and Johnson play nice…now can others?

When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced they were undergoing a conscious uncoupling, many laughed. She tends to say and write some silly, bordering on the absurd, things. But fast forward several years later many people (couples that is) are using the phrase as they go about their different ways. There was something to such a phrase and sentiment that made sense.

Now, fast forward to today. This month. This year. This pandemic.

On March 2, Merck announced a partnership with Johnson & Johnson to expand Johnson & Johnson’s manufacturing capacity and supply of its COVID-19 vaccine. Under the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) agreement, Merck is adapting and making available some of its existing manufacturing sites to accelerate manufacturing efforts for the other vaccine and enable more timely delivery and administration.

That is not a conscious uncoupling. That is a conscious coupling, partnership, of two competitors. They are doing so for the greater good. Besides helping get more vaccines out there, they are showcasing how partnership can work. Even with a frenemy. Some people can certainly use such a lesson.

Not everything needs to be toxic or about one’s ownership.

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  1. True When Humans Breathe
    More For Love


    To Own

    THE EartH



    More Than

    Dead Things

    Objects That



    That Thing

    That Object

    That That




    Will Once

    Again Come

    Reborn Naked

    As “The Child”

    Of Love Suckling

    At Mother’s Breast

    Where All That is is Loving

    Breath Caring Giving Sharing

    Compassion That Comes

    To More

    Fully Understand
    Without This Breath

    Of Love For All

    We Consume



    To Birth

    To Breathe
    Again We Become

    The Living Dead



    Is No


    Of Us Left
    Behind At All…🍁


  2. Thank you for sharing this. Up here in the vaccine dessert of Canada it is good news that more vaccines can be made available and that two companies can see their way clear to working together.


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