mental health

Trying to care when upset

Let start off with this. I tend to have great empathy towards others. As a matter of fact, I have been advised that I have too much empathy. Yes, there is such a thing as an over-empathizer. And, because of that I can often be a little slow to cut something off that I should. I’m learning though.

With that said, there are those times when even my sense of empathy is tried. When supremely hurt or upset, empathy can be a struggle. Interestingly, there are times when one is upset at someone and its known, yet that’s right when they tend to need you.

You want to remain angry because it was a legitimate emotion for the time, context, and moment. Yet, you can’t walk away. You even walk towards knowing full well your emotional being is experiencing a tug-of-war. You want to stay rooted yet you must move towards the pain and need. It’s a rather disconcerting moment. Yet, empathy wins. I suppose that is how we evolve, connect and keep existing.

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  1. Empaths First And 🌝
    Last To Never Give
    Up On Non-Empaths
    Are Like That 🧲
    Yes How Love Survives
    And Light Defies DarK
    Or Denies And Eventually
    Of No
    Color Moons… 🌚


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