Now the pictures are faded

I keep staring at these pictures

We were then

Now the pictures are faded

And no longer mine

They stand unclaimed

When they once stood for something

But cannot be replaced

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  1. Faded Pictures

    For me Each Travel

    In Darkness A Trip

    Back to my


    Photos Where did that
    Unadulterated Joy Go Is

    That Joy Is That Happiness on That
    Face How is it i was That Then i Am So Called This

    Then Without All That Warm And Spontaneous

    Wonder in Zest for Life Each Moment A

    New Adventure to Realize Strange

    It is When Your Favorite

    Mentor of Soul

    Becomes You

    At Less Than

    Two-Years Old You

    Know… No You Feel Before

    The Terrible Two’s Hehe Where

    All of Life Seems Like Yes Yes Yes

    And All of Life May Love You Back even

    When You Cry for ‘The Child’ Gardened With

    A Mother’s Love of Nurturing So Dear True That’s

    What that Smile is Trust of Receiving Unconditional

    Love And In This Way At Best A Child Becomes A Mother

    For All that Exists True And Free Just to Be Alive This Breath Eternally Now This SMiLe..

    i practically Waited A ‘Thousand Years’ in One Second And 66 Months of that too i’ve Already

    Played that Christina Perri Song Here on Blog Yet as i Remember 8 Years of Blogging Now

    Since 3.10.2013 Continuing Where At the Start of that A Slight Spark of Creativity Suggesting

    i Might

    Back to

    Life With ‘The Child’

    Smiles of Wonder And

    Amazement for All What i Did

    Learn is that Smile is a Lost and Found Prize

    Within We Will Wait Now More Than A Thousand

    Years for Someone to Bring that Heaven Back to

    Us Yet Only We Will Refresh A Photo of Heaven

    Within to Be

    For Real

    As They’

    Say i Am

    A SMiLe of Joy

    i Am Happy i Give

    And Share This Happy Joy

    With/For All for i brought my Photo Back to Life

    Hehe as i Also Celebrate adding the Last 5 MiLLioN

    Words of my EPiC Long Form 9 MiLLioN Free Verse

    Poem Just a Collection of Letters Like this Sent

    Around the Globe for Those Nice Enough

    To Tolerate me and let me Stay

    For There Were Many Days

    That Folks Just told

    me to go away

    Yet it Did Not

    Stop me from

    Creating My Own Face A Smile

    Again Yes Adding those 5 MiLLioN

    Words to Smiles That Never Existed before

    45 Months ago and More in All The Description Areas of

    My Facebook Profile Pics Yet Before in Hell For 66 Months

    Then i just wanted to Feel A Smile Again That’s The Cake the

    Heaven Back For Real Every Smile every Veil oF iGNoRaNCE

    i Help Add And Lift From Other Folks is simply Icing on the Cake

    And True i do well Understand that in some ways those who never


    At All


    Been Gifted

    The Most Indeed

    as True i Come from

    A Very Very Quiet Place too..

    Thank You Psychologist Mimi for

    Just Letting Come Around Each

    Day So Many Thousands of Words

    Your Creativity Has Added in Letters

    to And From the World In Creativity

    A Gift We Give With No Replies

    Needed at all A Key

    Is For Giving



    Caring Giving Sharing More…

    Keep Doing it i’ll Always Call You

    FRiEnD Just for Your Giving And Sharing Free..

    As Often Writers of Books And Actors of Plays May
    Be our only True




    They Never

    Tell Us to Go Away…

    Hehe Other than that i’ve

    Finally Found Ways to Make

    FRiEnDS that’s the real reason i started this

    Hobby Some Folks Just Never Give up and find a way that works..

    Even if For Years And Years they are only one Step And one Word Closer..


    A Thank

    You That’s All

    And I Hope, Pray, And

    Wish All Your Happy and Joy

    Comes Back for i do remember

    All Your Happy Days of Travel like

    They Haven’t Passed at all my FRiEnD

    i Believe You Are Gonna Have More Fun

    in the Future Than Ever Before Why i do

    i Believe

    This Let’s

    Just say


    Never met

    me in the 66 Months Part

    of Hell The Devil Has no Choice

    Yet Hope even When it’s All Gone there’s Will..:)


  2. I’m kind of glad that most of my newer photos are on electronic devices as no one will care about them like I do. I see old photos used as decorative elements in restaurants and wonder about the families long gone who cared about those people.


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