Going out of your way to be nasty

Let’s face it. We want to be kind. Many of us do. I know I surely do. Each day I go out with a smile and greet everyone at work and inquire into their well being. Then there are those people, who unbelievably, like being cruel. It seems that they go out of their way to be mean.

Being mean takes all shapes and forms. It can just be that a person says “hi” to no one and walks on by with their nose in the air. It can be that a person takes great jolly in passing on gossip and falsehoods. It could be that a person doesn’t even acknowledge your presence even after you acknowledge theirs.

But let’s be real. There are those people who truly go out of their way to be nasty. And you can see the peverse pleasure it gives them. Those people must not be engaged with. It’s best to leave them alone and not wven try to counter them. You will never win. People like that are just evil and compassion doesn’t phase them. Just keep it moving and hope that enough people follow suit and the evil one just eithers away as a result.

I welcome your thoughts

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