Good riddance: What a phrase

The year 2020 brought us many things. Fear, guilt, a pandemic, oily skin, social distancing, civil unrest, zoom, craft cocktails, and so forth. It also brought us new words such as quarantine pods.

The year 2020 also got us bringing back and feeling old phrases of yore. For example, good riddance. Most people I know literally said “good riddance to 2020”. I know I did. Honestly, however, I can’t remember the last time I used the phrase “good riddance” so freely. Good riddance 2020. And, good riddance to difficult people. Good riddance to haters. Good riddance, to chaos-driven entities.

The year 2020 made it easier in a way to cut the chords and part ways with dysfunction. A pandemic, something much larger than us, had taken over our lives. We needed to address and accommodate that particular chaos. Thus, we needed to make room in our lives and not let certain people or things live rent-free in our minds.

So, good riddance to all that is toxic. Here’s to planting healthier seeds.

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  1. SMiles… The Word That
    Injures, Rapes, Maims,
    Kills Most Humans That

    May Be Avoided

    Yes This Word This
    Sad And Often Most

    Disgusting Reality

    As it Is An Ironic

    “Obvious” Part of

    Human Nature IS

    IGNORANCE And This

    Dark Force Is

    ‘Gravely’ Still

    Strong in 2021

    As It Was In 2020

    And Considering

    ‘That Demographic’

    Those Half A Million

    Forever In History

    Books And Etched

    In Souls That Will

    Always Now Love

    Them No Testimony

    Is Greater Than Those

    Who Still Witness How

    Dark The Force of


    From The

    GRaVE iN
    Deed Those
    Who Have Been
    Flimflammed Yes
    Flamed By Other

    Used Car Salesmen

    Selling A Guarantee

    That After Death

    Is More


    Than Before

    Death This Breath

    Now That Otherwise

    Develops Love And The

    Willingness To Lift A Cross
    As Tiny To Save The Sanctity of Breathing Life As A Cotton Mask

    Even At “Church”

    Yet You See

    The Worst


    Is Those

    Who Worship

    After Death More

    Than Breathing This
    Only Gift of Now As

    Love yes This

    Is A Core Reason

    Why 500,000 People

    Died A Death Cult 2,000 Plus

    Years Old That Has Slaughtered Innumerable Then And Now

    Living In The Name

    Of Worshipping

    After Death

    Indeed Ignorance

    Of This Treasure This

    Breath Of Now Sadly

    The Curse Attributed

    To The Sad Zombie

    Apocalypse of Human

    Being The Most Harmful

    Artifice Human CuLTuRE

    For All The

    Generating Destroying
    The Rest Of Nature Eating
    It Away Yes God’s Real


    Living Face

    Until We Ship

    Up in Balance





    And Never Return
    Scariest Word For Real

    Forever Now


    Human Ignorance Breeds🧟‍♂️
    Other That That “Let Your
    Love Flow Like A Bird

    On A Wing” Perhaps

    i Will Dance And

    Sing That



    Now And Just

    Do It Too Yes

    Life is Good Love’s

    Way NoW Only NoW 🌊


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