I resisted Spotify for the longest time

I am a spring baby and I walk with a pep to my step. I’m also a Taurus and apparently am quite stubborn. Stubbornly stubborn. That’s me. I suppose that I can be jovial and stubborn at the same time.

I also love music. I walk over 10,000 steps a day to and from work. My music gives me a beat to walk to as I start my workday. And, I am fairly old school. I have an iPod. Yes, I still use an iPod. It’s red and pretty. But many have teased me about my iPod. Many people these dats have a Spotify account and listen to their playlists on their phone. I did not have a spotify account till this past December. I didn’t see the point. Plus, I wanted complete freedom to listen to songs on repeat ad nauseum.

The problem became this, however. I carry two cell phones and an iPod. My winter pockets and hands just couldn’t carry all these devices while I took conference calls as I walked on ice or in the rain. One day I took the plunge and created a playlist on Spotify and simplified my life just a little bit. I had stubbornly been holding onto my iPod despite it causing me a burden. I feel an odd sense of nostalgia around the iPod. Reminds me of past days at the gym. Days where I walked for hours on end. Days where there were no masks.

Yet, it was time to try to simplify my life just a little bit. Too much chaos and bits of the unknown. Thus, while it may seem like something very minor, I took a big step with my Spotify playlist.

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