Nothing is perfect

I’m so tired of hearing that you shouldn’t let perfection be the enemy of good. I’m of the belief that perfection is not an obstacle to good. One can reach the “good” stage and keep going. You can’t just be complacent with being good. But that’s just me. Well. The old me.

Lately, I’ve reached the point where I just shrug and say…… Well, you know. There’s only so much one can take or try to do. There’s also the moment when you realize that nothing can ever really be perfect. It’s just a matter of what degree of imperfection you are willing to tolerate. What really matters in your world view?

Nothing is perfect. Not even strawberry gelato near the Spanish steps in Italy. I once thought that was pretty near perfect. Now I just want six hours of sleep under a weighted blanket.

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  1. Does The River Need to
    Be Perfect to Flow
    Or Feather BloW in
    Melody of Wind NoW


    Not Really

    Humans Are

    So Strange

    At Least




    On Naked Wing

    Of Love Sadly




    Grounded Becoming
    All The Tools They




    From Words

    To Nuclear





    Of 6 Inch





    Are Perfect

    The Real Hell
    Humans Seek
    To Be

    The Bird on
    The Wing Naked

    The River FLoWinG



    Even Say

    Hell F in No

    For Flying is no Illusion…

    With Wings Seeing

    In Rings
    Of Trees FoRest WHoLE
    Water Waves Ocean Breeze

    See You
    When You
    Get To The Bahamas… 🌊


  2. Perfection is the realm of the purists. There is absolutely nothing pure about me.

    The fear is that once we reach “good,” we’ll all decide that it is “good enough” and move on to other things instead of pushing for the ideal. I don’t see a problem with that. I’d prefer a world where we have mostly good things and a few messy things. Because of resource limitations, the alternative is a world where we have a few exceptional things and a lot of horrid things.

    I leave pushing for the ideal up to individuals who can pursue their personal dreams to the utmost. That is what an artist does. Perfectionism is poor public policy.


  3. I think what matters most to me is How I am in this moment. How I do anything is how I do everything. For me there is not much beyond that. We are so attached to ideals and metaphor that we easily forget that all words are only metaphor for what is. Thanks for this most honest post.


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