What can I do to support you when you fall?

Friends, really good friends, can be family. They can be your chosen family. They can prop you up. They can be your “there”. I’m lucky to have some good friends.

I have friends that are non-judgmental and can try to steer me before I go down the wong path. That’s fantastic. However, admittedly there are times when I am just not going to listen to rhe advice and guidance I receive. No matter how well-meaning the advice is meant to be, I am at times stubborn and bent on going down my own path.

Interestingly enough, one of my dear friends noted this. They understood that no matter how much they tried preemptively, I would still go down certain “iffy” paths. What this friend noted was that they wanted to know what support would I need if I should fall. And, I thought that was a beautiful approach and question. No matter what they would be there for me. And, that was comforting.

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  1. I’ve experienced this just recently…trying to prevent a friend from making an unwise decision. I’ve also learned that her other friends and even her family have also tried to prevent her making the same unwise decision. It’s only a matter of time since she won’t heed advice from EVERYONE in her life. So, please share…how do you support someone once the inevitable happens?


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